• A Portal-based P2P System for the Distribution and Management of Large Data Sets, International Workshop on Virtual Research Environments and Collaborative Work Environments, e-Science Centre, Edinburgh, 23rd May 2007.

    We present our work on a Portal-based peer-to-peer (P2P) system for the management and distribution of large data sets. Our aim is create infrastructure that can be used by the scientific community, on the basis of social networks, to help each other download and maintain large datasets. We outline our hierarchical P2P system design, which is based around a shared-portal service and our unique mini-peer that is embedded in a Web browser. To verify our system we have been investigating P2P simulation
    packages that will be used to emulate various set up and utilisation scenarios. Our experience with the simulators and the next stage of development is discussed.

  • Application Reuse through Portal Frameworks, e-Science All Hands Meeting 2006, East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham, 20th September 2006.

  • Integrating Legacy Applications via Portal Bridges, Portals and Portlets Workshop 2006, e-Science Centre, Edinburgh, 17th July 2006.

    Educational institutions, enterprises and industry are increasingly adopting portal frameworks, as gateways and the means to interact with their customers. Currently, however, portal frameworks impose a number of constraints and limitations on the integration of legacy applications. This typically means that significant effort is needed to embed an application into a portal, and results in the need to fork the source tree or re-design the application, for the purposes of integration. This talk will introduce bridging technologies, which can be used to port legacy applications, based on PHP, into a portal environment. We discuss the capabilities of these technologies and detail our work with the PHP-JavaBridge and PortletBridge-portlet, while demonstrating how they can be used with some standard PHP applications.

  • Video Conferencing with NaradaBrokering, e-Collaboration Workshop, MMU, 28th June 2006.

    There has been much interest in using NaradaBrokering within the JISC VRE and e-Science programmes. NaradaBrokering is a distributed messaging framework developed at Indiana University. It aims to provide a unified messaging environment that incorporates the capability to support, among others, Web Services, Peer-to-Peer and video conferencing systems. In this talk we will discuss the work that was undertaken to use NaradaBrokering as the messaging framework for a Portal-based video-conferencing system. In the first part of the talk we discuss NaradaBrokering, its architecture and potential as middleware to support a video-conferencing system; here we also outline the other technologies used. In the second part of the talk we detail the design, architecture and implementation of our portal-based video conferencing system. In the third part of the talk we present the tests and demonstrations that were undertaken on the completed system, here we also highlight a number of features and issues that were uncovered undertaking this work. In the final part of the talk we summarise and conclude our experiences developing the NaradaBrokering video-conferencing system.

  • Developing Collaborative Tools and Services for GridSphere, Sakai VRE Workshop '05, Portsmouth, 19th Janauary 2006.

    Portsmouth is developing a range of JSR-168-based portlets and related services for the Sakai VRE Demonstrator Project. One major recent effort has been an attempt to put together a conferencing system using NaradaBrokering, which is a distributed infrastructure that provides asynchronous messaging and a topic-based notification framework. The prototype system discussed in this talk provides both IRC and video conferencing services for GridSphere.

  • Developing collaborative tools for the Sakai VRE project, DSG Seminar, University of Portsmouth, 8th December 2005.

    This talk will discuss the development of the NaradaBrokering Chat and Video Portlet. The purpose of this portlet is to provide a chat tool which resembles the popular IRC and to allow collaborators to host video conferencing sessions.

    The Portlet is part of a larger project, namely the Sakai Virtual Research Environment (VRE). It is hoped that this Portlet will allow collaborating groups to communicate and share information easily. The Portlet consists of various technologies including NaradaBrokering, GridSphere and the Java Media Framework (JMF).

    The talk will also discuss the various issues that were encountered during development and testing. An insight into future work will also be discussed
    towards the end.

  • The NaradaBroker: A Flexible Messaging Infrastructure, DSG Seminar, University of Portsmouth, 12th April 2005.

    The NaradaBroker is a distributed messaging infrastructure, developed by the Community Grids Lab at Indiana University. It aims to provide a unified messaging environment that incorporates the capability to support Grid and Web Services, Peer-to-Peer and video conferencing, within the publish/subscribe architecture.

    The main aim of the talk is to give an overview of the broker and its underlying technologies. The talk will include an discussion of the brokers capabilities and current implementations. The talk will conclude with a live demonstration NaradaBroker and a discussion of future work.