NeuroHub - The Information Environment for Neuroscientists

This project will support the entire research lifecycle from investigation of prior knowledge through experimentation, computation, analysis and dissemination of results. Through the application of an existing web 2.0 framework researchers will have the capability to build individual applications using existing services from JISC, research council projects, from existing service providers and from new services identified through the user requirements phase. This is illustrated as a set of key services that may be constructed together.

Necho - A Portal-based P2P Framework for the Distribution and Management of Large Datasets

Our aim is to create infrastructure that can be used by the scientific community, on the basis of other social networks, help download and maintain large datasets. We propose a P2P system for scientific communities, which can combine the storage and bandwidth from peer contributions, to serve datasets that would not be normally possible or feasible to be hosted by individual project partners, or other interested parties. Necho is a multi-tier P2P framework that uses a portal-based service as a backbone infrastructure and portlets as a management interface. Necho also includes a Web browser component called mini-peers, mini-peers allows users to donate resources to the P2P network via a Web browser.

Sakai VRE Demonstrator - Providing a comprehensive set of Grid and collaboration services in a Virtual Research Environment (VRE)

In this project we will extend the Sakai open source and open standards portal framework. It will host a number of integrated tools and robust distributed services and become the principal user interface for a fully-functional Virtual Research Environment (VRE). To accomplish this, we will seek widespread community input to expose existing tools and services as Java portlets, SOAP-based or peer-to-peer Web services for use within the VRE. Using this approach, the project will create a long-lasting, maintainable and extensible VRE which will provide both reliable collaboration tools, together with a powerful distributed research toolset. Some of the VRE tools and services we want to expose are UK adaptations of those directly available from Sakai and OGCE, the US NMI portal. Others are to be achieved in association with a UK community of VRE users.